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What the experts are saying about Break the Rules!

“Mullins brings his fresh insights and extensive research to the unconventional thinking that powers the best startups. Entrepreneurs looking for the next big thing and the investors who chase them owe it to themselves to master and embrace these winning mindsets.”
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Randy Komisar
Partner, Kleiner Perkins; Author, The Monk and the Riddle; Co-author, Straight Talk for Startups and Getting to Plan B

“A serial entrepreneur, professor to thousands of entrepreneurs, and author of three seminal books and dozens of entrepreneurial case studies, I’m a raving fan of John Mullins. He has had the ultimate ring-side seat in discerning the unique mindsets behind the most successful entrepreneurs. The ultimate constraint to scaling is between our ears—and John both illuminates and provides us practical ways to adopt these unconventional mindsets.”
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Verne Harnish
Founder, Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO); Author, Scaling Up (Rockefeller Habits 2.0)

“You hold in your hand the owner’s manual for learning the six break-the-rules mindsets to enable you to challenge assumptions, overcome obstacles, and mitigate risk. Learning and applying them in your business and organization can be life changing. Find out how.”
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Steve Blank
Adjunct Professor, Stanford University; Author, The Four Steps to the Epiphany; Co-author, The Startup Owner’s Manual

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